Greetings Leaders!

Sigh – they’re at it again. This is why I dislike politics so much. Yes, I understand that politics is unavoidable, however the antics this past week at several town hall meetings are disturbing. Why? Because they were organized attempts to instill fear in the general population through the use of lies, rhetoric and just plain ol’ stupidity.

I think that America is a great country because we all have the ability to have our voices heard. Town hall meetings are great, because it gives our leaders the chance to hear from the general public. However, if the Republican party is behind the organized attempts to disrupt the meetings so that we cannot have a rational discussion about health care, then our country is doomed.

Pretty strong words, but please heed my warning. Our health care system is in dire straights. So is medicare and social security. If we cannot come up with some viable alternatives to fixing these, in 20 years our country, your country, will not be the shining beacon of hope that it once was.

What do we need to do? Our political leaders need to stop the showboating. This is not about President Obama or the Democrats. This is not about winning the next election. This is about saving our country. I’m not saying I agree with all the President Obama is proposing, and yes, I have some serious doubts about how much it will cost to implement health care reform.  However, we need dialogue, and by disrupting the town hall meetings, all we have is noise and confusion.

To our political leaders – let’s agree to to disagree without being disagreeable. Can you not put your differences aside in the interest of moving forward. If not…. why are you in office?

Lead With Honor!
Lead With Intregrity!

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