Greetings Leaders,

I am a registered Republican, but voted for Barak Obama last year. Why? Because along with all the others that voted him into office, I believe we can no longer hold onto the status quo. Our country is at a crossroads. Policies that served my parents’ generation well, are no longer viable. When it comes to finances, we cannot continue to operate our government, our financial institutions or our health care system as we have in the past. The writing is on the wall.

While we can debate the implications of our current fiscal situation and the alternatives to fix them, I am certain of one thing. That attitudes like those displayed by Jim DeMint should no longer be tolerated in politics. Senator DeMint made the following comment last week (see CBS article here):

“If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him”

I don’t necessarily agree with everything that President Obama is proposing, and I don’t expect Senator DeMint to either. The purpose of having two or more political parties is to ensure balance. However, is it the purpose of politics to win – just to win? Is it Senator DeMint’s purpose to make Obama look bad? To discredit him? Or – is it to pass a health care bill that is the best that both sides can come up with?

Short sighted politicians who are only interested in power, are going to be the demise of our culture. Perhaps Senator DeMint just verbalized the true nature of bipartisan politics. If so, then heaven help us, because our political system is going to be the ruin of us all. I discussed this in my book, Leadership = RC3:

The danger in ambition is that the more power you gain and the less leadership skills that you have, the greater the probability that you will hurt others, perhaps many others, along your climb to power, fame and fortune.

We need more leaders in congress who are true leaders, not those who are just vying for political power. If I lived in South Dakota, although I’m a Republican, Senator DeMint would not get my vote.

Lead With Honor!

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