Greetings Leaders!

Ok… I’m a bit ticked off. First for being taken in. Second – I’m so darn tired of people like the White family (if that’s their true name) taking advantage of others. Alright, I didn’t lose any money and certainly not a lot of time, but my credibility matters and more importantly, there were a TON of people who put their hopes and dreams in this kid. Stealing hopes and dreams is a lot worse than stealing money or time in my opinion.

How did I find out about this? I was checking my blog stats this morning and noticed a HUGE amount of hits on my blog on Jonathan White. So, I went out to google, and lo and behold, there it was. Breaking news as of yesterday, Jonathan White is a scam. You can read the most reliable article on it here. Sadly, I had a lot of company in being duped. Not that it makes me feel any better.

First of all – I apologize for not checking my sources. Lesson Learned to all bloggers. I found out about Jonathan from a Twit by Randy Gage. Someone I deem to be VERY reliable and reputable. I’m sure Randy is not too happy about this either.

Second – On a positive note, I didn’t send them any money, but I believe others have. Before you send anyone money, always check out their story.

Lastly – I am not a vindictive person, but I hope the FBI catches the White family  and prosecutes them fully. I don’t want to hear their blah blah story. We were broke… We needed help… We didn’t mean it… We didn’t  know it would hurt so many people… blah blah blah. They stole dreams. They gave false hope. So many of us have problems. Some more than others. There are true heroes out there, who really are fighting cancer or some other illness. There are those facing financial hardships that don’t result to lying or cheating or stealing. I’ve even blogged about a few of them. I don’t care what Jonathan’s “story” is. Taking advantage of others is never justified, just because of your situation.

My apologies for furthering the scam…


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