Greetings Leaders…

I found this short video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom taken by Brett Barley on StumbleUpon, and it reminded me of what it takes to capture perfection.

To capture this moment on film took a lifetime. Sure, the video is only about a minute long, but think about it. To get to this specific point in time required a lot of things to happen first.

  1. Brett needed to have passion to take up videography of surfers
  2. He studied and practiced using his equipment
  3. Physical Fitness was a must
  4. Multiple attempts were undertaken. Not just that day, but every other day he was out there, hoping for the perfect shot
  5. Others were needed to do the surfing
  6. The environment had to cooperate – the weather, the surf, the sun

Bottom line – Perfection doesn’t happen by accident. If you want to achieve something great with your life, you have to pay the price as you go after it.

So… how about you? What is your goal in life? How are you going about achieving it? Are you…

  1. Passionate about your goal
  2. Learning and Studying (are you teachable?)
  3. Practicing
  4. Enlisting the help of others
  5. Persevering with multiple attempts
  6. Studying the environment
  7. Staying physically and mentally fit

Achieve your ultimate goal. I know, perfection isn’t possible, but as the old saying goes, if you shoot for the stars, perhaps you’ll just reach the moon. Not a bad place to be….

Live A Life of Excellence!

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