Greetings Leaders!

Over the past few months, I witnessed a few situations that made me realize that people need some guidance on who should be promoted. Here are Ten Promotion Leadership Tips.

Don’t promote someone just because they…

  1. have been there the longest (longevity means nothing)
  2. are technically competent (technical competency does not equate to leadership)
  3. go along with all your ideas (you want someone to challenge you)
  4. get things done (they need to help or ensure that others get things done)
  5. are well liked (a fatal flaw in many leaders)

Promote someone because they…

  1. have great organizational skills
  2. can communicate both up and down the organization
  3. are emotionally secure and can be trusted to act objectively/maturely
  4. are devoted and can be trusted to support your vision, mission and objectives
  5. can think logically and are good at problem solving

Lead With Honor,

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