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As I look at successful businesses, they hall have one thing in common, they know how to plan, and then execute the plan. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yet if it were so simple, every business would thrive, which we know is just not the case. Assuming that most business owners know how to plan and execute, what sets the successful business apart from the others? The answer is simple – knowledge and understanding.

A successful business leader knows that to be successful, the business plan must reflect the DNA of the organization. Every organization has different strengths and weaknesses. They also come in various sizes and unique cultures. A successful business plan “fits” the organization.

To ensure your business plan is a good fit for your organization, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the organization have enough resources to carry out the plan?
  2. Has the organization done something like this before?
  3. Are the business goals aggressive and achievable – or – just lofty numbers?
  4. Is the executive team in total support of the plan?
  5. Is the organization mature in its business processes? Can it carry out the plan effectively?
  6. Does the plan support the organization’s vision and mission?
  7. Is the plan in line with the organization’s brand?
  8. Is the environment (competition, legislation, economy) conducive to the plan succeeding?
  9. Does the plan leverage the organization’s strengths?
  10. What risks would prevent you from executing the plan effectively?

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