Greetings Leaders!

I was doing some research on a company called TIBCO Software and came across the following article called, The Big Deal: Tibco. The article recounts how the owner, Vivek Ranadivé, got a $25 million deal as a start up technology company, with Solomon Brothers.

After making the final cut during a bidding process, Mr. Ranadivé had to convince Solomon’s CIO to go with TIBCO instead of IBM or Reuters, two technology giants. To make his pitch, he went over the features of his product/service and tried to impress the cigar smoking executive with the bells & whistles of the system. He regaled the executive with awards won by TIBCO . The response…. a BIG Yawn.

Finally, the executive asked him point blank, why should Solomon select TIBCO. Mr. Ranadivé realized he wasn’t getting through, so he paused and said, “It’s because we have fire in our eyes!”

TIBCO was awarded the contract because they had fire in their eyes. It wasn’t enough to just say it, but Mr. Ranadivé had passion, and it showed. There are executives and organizations out there that are looking for commitment, excitement, passion and dedication. Don’t be intimidated by the goliaths in your industry. You can get the sale… if you have fire in your eyes!

Lead With Honor!

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