Greetings Leaders!

I was serving in children’s church tonight when I found a bible that got left behind. I opened up the cover, and found the ownership page blank. You know, the page where you write your name in the book or sometimes find an inscription or a short note from a loved one. I’ve picked up kids bibles before, and remember seeing things like…. To Ian… We hope you will live a life worthy of living. Love. Mom and Dad. It always brings a tear to my eye to see the love of a parent for their child, summed up in just a few words in a special book. Parents have hopes and dreams for their children.

Finding the page blank tonight, reminded me of the tragedy of lost hopes and dreams. Of what life would be like, if I didn’t have someone hoping and dreaming for me. As we get older, many of us give up on our hopes and dreams. Some of us have already lost parents who are no longer here to hope and dream for us. As parents, many of us have watched our kids grow older and choose their paths. Some of us have stopped hoping and dreaming for them. Some us have stopped hoping and dreaming for ourselves.

We should never stop dreaming, hoping, caring. When was the last time you wrote something special to a loved one, to encourage them on their journey. To wish them a life worth living. When was the last time, you dared to hope and dream? Rekindle the hope, by rekindling the dreams.

Dare to dream…. Dare to hope.

Lead with honor!

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