Greetings Leaders!

Have you ever given much thought to your purpose in life? If we retire in our 60s, what then? What if you live to 102? Last night I was privileged to listen to Ray Talbert who was born in 19 ott 6… 1906. Just think of all the things that he lived through. World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War. There was Dillinger and Capone. The Untouchables. He witnessed the growth of the automobile. Ray was there when Pan American was founded, and also when it went out of business. He saw the coming of the jet age and the computer age. He was there when Kennedy was assasinated and when we put a man on the moon. He saw the rise of communism, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. What a life he has had, and there’s more to come.

Last night, Ray recited poetry to our church for about 10 minutes. It was great. Over the weekend, about 10,000 people will get to hear Ray recite the poems he recently memorized. My favorite was Unfolding The Rose. The poems talked about hope, surrender and love. At 102, Ray has purpose in his life.To remind others that life is not just about having a career.

I was reminded that sometimes too many of us think of our career as our calling. A career is a vocation. Our calling? Our calling is to cherish and love others as we go about our daily routine. Can you imagine… what the world would be like if we could only live this way? If only.

Ray understands this. At 102, he is certainly retired. Has been for a long time. And yet… his calling continues. What about you? As you go about your vocation, are you living your calling?

Lead With Honor!