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This is the fourth posting in the series, How to Run Better Meetings.

  1. The first posting dealt with executive sponsorship
  2. The second with having meetings with purpose
  3. The third with inviting the right people

This posting will address the mechanics of running a meeting. Before you actually start your meeting, establish Ground Rules on how your meeting will be conducted. Examples of Ground Rules include:

  1. Meetings start and end on time.
  2. Arrive prepared.
  3. Maintain positive group dynamics.
  4. Adhere to the agenda.
  5. Welcome constructive feedback and healthy conflict.
  6. Listen with an open mind and are respectful of all viewpoints.
  7. Do not participate in side conversations.
  8. Turn off cell phones

Follow this link for additional ground rules and tips on how to handle difficult personalities.

Lead With Honor!

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