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Greetings Leaders…

I saw a tweet on Twitter by Pam Slim that led me to her blog where she reflected on her friend Amy’s recent loss of a son in Iraq. I hadn’t planned to blog about this again, but… today is Memorial Day and Pam’s blog reminded me how easy it is, to be thankful for a day… and then to move on… as if one day of thanks is sufficient tribute to those that paid for our freedom.

Well, perhaps one day isn’t enough… perhaps not even a lifetime would be enough. Yet …we don’t want to go around with heavy hearts every day. Let us instead, go around with joy in our hearts, knowing that someone had the courage and conviction to fight for our freedoms. Let us also live everyday with purposeful hearts, so that the work of our fallen heroes does not go unfinished. What work is this? I think Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address sums it up best.

All the best,
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