Sgt James John Regan

Greetings Leaders!

This weekend we take time to remember our fallen heroes… those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Let us not take it so lightly. I just received an e-card from a friend of mine, thanking me for my service to our great country. I don’t know why, but it brought tears to my eyes.

A lot of us go around saying…. Happy Memorial Day. I’m not sure that is so appropriate. It is a day of rememberance. It can be happy, as we celebrate our freedom. But, this freedom was paid for by the blood of fallen men and women, and the tears of their families.

Please – take the time this weekend to thank the families of our great country, who have paid the ulitimate price so that we…. you… and I, can enjoy the freedoms we have.

The picture at the top of this post… says it all. I never met James John Regan, but you can follow the link to hear his story. A fallen hero. Thank you James… and thank you Mary.

All the thanks…. to our fallen heroes!


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