Hello Leaders!

Earlier this week, I had the honor of speaking to a group of professionals at the Sacramento Professionals Network (SPN). I say honor, because they were consummate professionals who were wounded corporate veterans, casualties of the economy. There were about 30 professionals there. Project Managers, Accountants, Human Resources Professionals, Social Workers, Technicians. All were motivated, educated and very experienced.

I was there to speak about Project Management as a profession. I felt uncomfortable because these were seasoned veterans of the workforce, not kids coming out of college. They could all teach me a thing or two about life.

As I was speaking, it really hit me – there are people, faces… behind the numbers we hear about everyday. An unemployment rate of 8 – 10% takes on a whole new meaning when you see a group like the SPN. Yes, my pocketbook/business has taken a huge hit this year. Yes, I know a lot of people who have taken pay cuts or furloughs. But I hadn’t  seen a group of highly motivated professionals all in the same room, bravely facing an unknown future. Picking themselves up off the ground. Putting one step in front of the other. Reflecting. Planning. Encouraging each other.

Visiting a group like the SPN is an experience that I think every CEO and politician should have. There are a lot of good people out of work, because of some of the mistakes we have made as a country. Our government at all levels (federal, state, county and city) and corporate America need to get their act together. As individuals, we can forge our own lives, but we live in a country where others have a lot of control over our options. We need our leaders to Lead With Honor. Those at the SPN are.

As a plug for the SPN, if you are an employer with a need, check out their website. You won’t regret it.

All the best,
All the time