Technology has bought about changes in the way we do business. While teaching a recent Project Management class I told the students they had to stay abreast of technology, or face getting techno-replaced (mostly for the benefit of the older students). In a few years, if you can’t text with the best of em, beware the unemployment line.

There is another danger out there though – that of using technology as an excuse to not connect with your customers. If you want outstanding clients or customers, those who will remain loyal to you and continually return for more, you must continue to build a relationship with them, beyond your newsletter, blog, twittering and electronic greeting cards.

I attended a Toastmasters club last week with a casual business acquaintance after he invited me to check it out. A few days later, I received a hand written card, thanking me for coming. He invited me, and then he sent me a card to say thanks. All I had done was send him an email. Shouldn’t it have been the other way around? Ouch. It reminded me how important it is to build personal relationships and that I’ve gotten lazy. I use technology because it is convenient – and miss making someone feel special. Mike’s card had an impact on me.

What about you? Yes, technology is important. But – you will make a bigger impact with your clients and customers if you go above and beyond what is expected. A card with a personal note goes a long way in growing your business. Don’t be lazy. Go buy some cards and some stamps. I did.

All the best,
All the time,