I’ve been talking about achieving dreams for the past few posts and wanted to end up tackling a major roadblock that prevents millions from achieving their dreams. Yes… we have met the enemy… and it is us. The greatest obstacle to achieving your dream is you. It is not money, time, support. It is not the color of your skin, your sex, or your nationality. It is you. Fail to accept this, and you might as well kiss your dreams good bye.

So…. why are we our biggest obstacle? I believe John Maxwell summed it up in something he called The Law of the Lid. We can only achieve, what we believe we can achieve… and also are trained to achieve. I have heard it put this way by others, What your mind can conceive AND BELIEVE, you can achieve.

I go to the gym regularly and noticed the HUGE increase in people on January 2nd. Two weeks have gone by, and the gym is still full, but not as full as it was. In two weeks, it will be back to normal. Why? All the new people had great aspirations, dreams, of losing weight and getting in shape. What happened? Was it a lack of commitment? Believe it or not, the answer is mostly no. These people were committed to start, so what happened?

Of course, lack of self-discipline plays a factor, and perhaps if they had a better support system, or someone to work out with they may have lasted a little longer. But most just didn’t believe…. that they could really lose weight and get into shape.

Whoa! What goes on here? This almost sounds insulting… but it isn’t intended to be. A lot of them just stopped because they didn’t truly believe, in the depths of their soul, that they deserved to be fit and healthy. If they did, they would keep going.

So… what about you? What is preventing you from achieving YOUR dream. Why can’t you believe that you deserve the success you desire? Now, don’t take this out of perspective. I DEFINITELY don’t believe in the name it and claim it movement. However, assuming you are willing to do the planning and work, and that you have the skills necessary to achieve your dreams… Your biggest obstacle is belief in yourself.

Have you ever wondered why some small businesses are successful and go on to become big business, while others languish and then fail? I have. Having worked with CEOs of small businesses over the years, it is usually their reluctance to deal with their inner fears that prevent them from going on to bigger and better things. If you find yourself in this situation,how do you overcome this?

To increase your belief in yourself you have a lot of choices: Coaching, Church (spiritual teaching), Meditation, Retreats, Counseling, Martial Arts. There are a lot of ways to go about overcoming your fears and your lack of belief.

My parting comment…

Everyone has a purpose – Not every purpose is lived

Everyone has gifts – Not all gifts are opened

Everyone has value – Not all are appreciated.

YOU have purpose. YOU have gifts. YOU have value. All you have to do is BELIEVE.


All the best,
All the time