I’m sitting here watching American Idol and was reminded what makes it so popular. The Power of a Dream. We all have dreams. We all want to be acknowledged and recognized. There were several poignant moments on the first show of the season. There was of course, Scott MacIntyre. He is almost completely blind and yet had the courage to audition. He thankfully also has talent and made it on to the next phase.

I don’t want this to be a recap of the show, you can find that almost anywhere. But, there were some things worth noting. There was another contestant who appeared to be tearing up throughout the day of his audition. Why was he so emotional? In a moment that might have passed by many viewers, he said he worked in a cubicle all week and all he wanted was to be recognized. Funny… the power that a little recognition can have on someone. When was the last time you recognized someone at work, or at home for that matter.

Of course there were also the hugs and celebrations that greeted the contestants lucky enough to get a golden ticket to Hollywood. The reason for the celebration – The Dream was still alive! Amazing, the power of a dream.

Many of you who are reading this, have a dream. What is your dream? What are you striving for? Can you describe it to me. Can you picture yourself doing it? Now the hard part…. putting feet on your dreams. There are a few things you must remember…

  1. Not all dreams come true (ouch)
  2. Achieving your dream requires that four letter word… WORK
  3. Vision (Dreams) without planning = hallucination
  4. It takes more than just having a dream to make it come true
  5. Dreams require – support from others

I will unpack these five thoughts in blogs later this week. Stay tuned…

All the best!
All the time