I was watching Cars with my grandson the other night when something caught my attention. This particular scene revolved around a trip down memory lane for the little town of Radiator Springs (RS). RS used to be a busy town just off Route 66 but that all changed when Interstate 40 was completed, offering commuters a shorter, faster way to get to their destination. Now RS is just a desolate Ghost Town. But in it’s hey day, it was a place where people gathered to eat, sleep and just enjoy life. People were not so much in a rush and actually stopped to chat and get to know one another. The one liner that got my attention was…

You can drive to get somewhere fast, or you can drive to enjoy the ride.

While we all need to be efficient… when was the last time you just enjoyed the ride? When was the last time you stopped to slow down and stop to chat or say hello?

Enjoy the ride…

All the best,
All the time,