For those of you who were born after 1965, you may not be familiar with the Lucky Strikes TV commercial that made the lingo “I’d rather fight than switch” famous. It was an interesting ad in that most people my age remember the ad even though it was almost 40 years ago!

I was reflecting on my leadership style the other day, and one of my weaknesses is the desire to avoid confrontation unless absolutely necessary. I’m not afraid to pull the trigger, but it usually takes me a while to get to that point. But – I do get there. How about you? Leaders sometimes have to stand up and fight for what they believe. When was the last time you actually stood your ground with your boss or team? As a leader, we have to stand for something. I don’t know who authored this quote but it makes sense: “He who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything.”

I would be negligent if I didn’t mention that fighting all the time is not a good thing either. We all know that being a bully or leadership through intimidation are not ideal. Having said that, what do you stand for? Fill in the blank… I’d rather fight than……??

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