I believe in a work life balance. Too much work is not healthy and if done over a prolonged period of time, it robs your soul of life, vitality and energy. Yet, sometimes you have to go ‘heads down.’ What is heads down? It is a time when you have to sit down and do some work. Your head bent down as you focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Heads down means getting the job done. Execution. Results. Excellence.

I say this after spending two weeks implementing a project for a client. Back to back 60 hour weeks and giving up the July 4th weekend. Ouch. But… it had to be done. Leaders sometimes have to sacrifice some time to get the results they’re expected to deliver.

Having said that, I am now looking at ramping down a bit for the next few weeks. Allowing my body, mind and spirit the time to recover. To regenerate the peace of mind that can escape from us when we work with intensity.

A few more words on ‘Heads Down’….

    As a leader, expect to go Heads Down at times
    Don’t live in the Heads Down world all the time
    After you go Heads Down, come up for air and take a break

All the best…
All the time