I may be dating myself here – but one of my favorite movie scenes comes from The Empire Strikes Back. After Luke fails to lift his ship out of the water by using the force, Yoda tells him, “There is no try – either you do or you don’t – there is no try!”

When it comes to Execution and Leadership, there is no “try” –  Try doing something and get ready to fail. Either you will or you won’t – but there is no try. When you tell your boss, I will “try” to finish XYZ on time – you are demonstrating a lack of commitment, or a lack of belief in your ability to get the job done.

Make a mental note of how many times a day you use the word try. If you find yourself using it a LOT, you must eliminate it from your vocabulary. If you want better relationships, better outcomes, better teams, better jobs, more money, more success – eliminate the word “try”. Don’t try to eliminate it. Just Do IT!

All the best,
All the time