Punchbowl - National Cemetery of the Pacific

Punchbowl – National Cemetery of the Pacific

I catch myself telling others – Happy Memorial Day… and then have to pause for a moment. Memorial Day has become a time for celebration – a time off from work – a time to relax – a time to catch our breath. A time for reflection often gets overlooked, or lost in the shuffle of our busy lives. A random thought of thanks is what many Americans give to Memorial Day. How soon we forget…

This post is my personal tribute and heartfelt thanks for friends lost… while preserving our freedom.

Petty Officer Danny Smith, who gave his life along with 12 others while on a SOCAL mission in a P-3.

Commander “Bug” Roach – Critically injured as he ejected from his A-4 on a training mission near San Diego.

Ltjg Carey Arthur – Lost at sea when his S-3 crashed soon after taking off the USS Nimitz on a patrol

Ens. Brian DeHaan – Crashed while undergoing training at Pensacola Florida