I was teaching a class earlier this year and was following the flow of the class – and delving into something I hadn’t planned on. I mentioned setting life goals – and got blank stares from a class of middle to senior level project managers. Out of 25 students, only a small handful had ever taken the time to set down their life goals on paper. I was floored!

Do yourself a huge favor, take an hour to write down your life goals – you won’t regret it. Research has continuously shown that by writing down your goals, the odds of you achieving them go up astronomically. What are life goals? Take a sheet of paper and make five columns. Label them, one year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and lifetime. Start at “lifetime” and list all the big things you want to accomplish before you die. Then, move the ones you want to accomplish within 20 years to the next column – then move those you want to accomplish with 10 to the next column…. etc.

I have done this since the age of 20, and have accomplished most of the things on my list. Success and happiness don’t happen by chance. Take charge of your future. Believe enough in yourself to write down your dreams!